My first introduction into photography was in my early childhood. I remember being captivated by watching a piece of paper magically morph into a photograph as my dad used a makeshift darkroom in our home to print images for a small weekly newspaper he published in Lincoln, Kansas, pop. 1500ish.

The idea of photography kinda fell into my lap during high school.Thanks to a severe case of asthma which kept me sidelined from playing football, my dad suggested I take pictures for his paper during games. This suggestion sent me down a path that I’ve been running down ever since.

Today the magic of the darkroom has been replaced with the even more impressive and less understandable magic of the computer. And newspapers have made way for a career in commercial photography.

Although I credit my father with giving me my start, and my mother for any genetic predisposition I have concerning art, I have also had the opportunity to work with and learn from some amazing photographers and art directors throughout my career.

I am often asked what kind of photography I specialize in and the answer is Each and every assignment offers it’s own unique qualities. Every day I have the opportunity to meet someone new, learn something different or see something in a way in which I’ve never seen before. I believe it is the collective sum of these experiences that allows me to enjoy photography as much today as I did at the time I first picked up a camera.